One Day Builds


Site size and Functionality

One Day Builds are NOT intended for large, custom E-Commerce websites, however smaller E-Commerce sites are possible. All sites will be designed with scalability in mind, so your site can start off simple and grow as you see fit at a later date.


We’ll recommend the best platform to build your site on quickly and effectively. If you have a preference let us know and we’ll tell you if it fits the One Day Build.


In order to achieve a smooth development and implementation process, it is required that new websites be hosted with us. If you already have a site hosted let us know and we’ll see if it’s better to move the host or not.

Logins and Passwords

Have a list of all necessary logins and passwords handy. (Including Social Media)

Domain Name

If you already have your domain name registered great! If not have a list ready of domain names you would like to have.

Look and Feel

Have a clear idea of what you want your website to look like, if you’re having trouble we can provide a selection of sites for you to look at.


It is incredibly important for you to have the content for your site ready before we start building. The words for the site can be done in one document with subheadings. All expected links should be written out also. Terms of Service, Privacy policy and other such documents should also be ready. Images should be between 1500px and 2000px in width. Content can be edited later but you should try to have it as close to how you want it on your site as possible.

The Day

When the above guidelines are mostly ready you can book a day for your website build with us. Throughout the day we will remain in contact with you making sure the site turns out exactly like you want it to.


If you have any questions about our One Day Builds don't hesitate to contact us.

Let's Work Together!